Chef's Table

Chef's Table

Chef Ryan Turner has been cooking his entire adult life in some of the world’s most amazing food regions – the French Alps, Wales, the French Riviera, the Bahamas and many private estates and yachts. His culinary expertise is focused on highlighting the ease of a low-carbohydrate diet to help improve the health of his clients without sacrificing anything in terms of flavor.

While working in Texas, Chef Ryan needed a better solution to his client’s ever-growing sweet tooth. An expert in low-carb cooking, but unsatisfied with the myriad of low-carb, low-calorie sweeteners on the market, Ryan experimented with virtually every natural, sugar-free substitute available. Nothing seemed quite right and Ryan was on a mission to find a low-carb sugar replacement without the cascade of negative health effects associated with sugar and artificial sweeteners, yet which offered the taste, texture, and culinary potential of sugar: not an easy equation. After hundreds of recipe trials and extensive research, he created the perfect blend of ingredients found in nature that would not only taste like traditional sugar, but worked in recipes like traditional sugar. Sola measures cup-for-cup to sugar and even provides structure during the baking process. All the advantages, none of the disadvantages.

Chef Ryan began using his blend in meals and desserts for his dessert-loving client and in a relatively short amount of time, both began seeing the health benefits behind Sola. After seeing first-hand what Sola could do, there was no way Chef Ryan was keeping this a secret. Taste the difference you can’t taste!

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“From my point of view, living a low-carb lifestyle is so easy that it can be done anywhere that good food is available. Whether you live in South Africa, India, or Australia, you don’t need crazily intricate ingredients to cook and eat amazing low-carb meals.” – Chef Ryan Turner